Ali Frazier

Ali Frazier

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Medium: Oil

Size:  22x30

One of the greatest match ups in boxing history.  Ali Frazier was better known in 1974 as Super Fight II.  It was a non title boxing match which would be the 2nd of three.  it took place in Madison Square Garden on January 28th and Ali reigned the victor of this bout.

Ali was aggressive right from the start.  At the end of round 2, Frazier was hurt by an Ali right hand and was in significant trouble.  Tony Perez the referee stepped in between the two fighters having mistakenly thought he heard the bell.  The interruption allowed Frazier precious seconds to recover andwas able to finish the round on his feet when the action resumed.

The final score card was:

Tony Castellano (Judge):  Ali 7-4-1

Jack Gordon (Judge):  Ali 7-5-0

Tony Perez (referee):  Ali 6-5-1

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