About the Artist

Culturally driven and emotionally charged, J Robinson’s artwork is powerful, detailed and uplifting. Working mostly in monochromatic oils J Robinson also has worked in a wide variety of mediums including watercolors and pastels.  When viewing J Robinson’s portfolio for the first time you see a serious talent and artistic efforts you may find hard to believe that he is self-taught and not classically trained.  Paintings in both color and black and white are professionally rendered in powerful expressions and attention to details that go far beyond that of a self-taught artist.  His contemporary watercolors and pastels show his versatility while his cultural expressions exude a powerful sense of pride, acknowledgment of an individual's talents which add to a well-balanced portfolio of portraits and subjects.

J Robinson is a self-taught artist from Savannah Georgia who grew up in the Bronx New York.  While J Robinson has been creating art in various forms for many years throughout his life it was not until 2015, after a devastating loss that he started creating art on a full-time basis.

In that short period of time, J Robinson Art can boast that his art hangs in customers’ homes as originals or prints in every single state in the United States, Puerto Rico, France, Ukraine, Germany, London, Philippines Canada, Spain, United Arab of Emirates, and Japan.

Your wonderful original portrait of “President Obama” hangs in my living room while your “I Am A Man” hangs in my office space.  I am admirer and collector of your artwork.  It is detailed, clear and sharp.  I am always looking forward to what you will create next”. This is from my very first collector Mr. Jim Lynch.

"The creative process for me is passion, love, determination, and release.  The majority of my work is inspired by those within my culture who have faced societal issues and their own struggles but did not allow those things to impede on their desire to succeed.  The emotions I feel from their individual stories both past and present drive me to be the artist I want to be remembered as.  The body of work I want to leave behind is a massive collection of images of the many faces of my community.  I want them to be extensive and in every field of endeavor created by this one artist’.   I want the works to inspire others to find their motivation to achieve and not allow circumstances to have you remain voiceless.  My canvas is also my release and my voice expressing a message without words and allowing my art to represent me better than I have ever represented myself".

"Growing up art was always my escape from the abuse in my household, it was my secret place and it allowed me to feel free.  Now, as a self-taught artist, art is my focus and my passion.  For years I was repressing my talents which is a long story in and of itself.  I left home to join the military and upon leaving, excelled in corporate America, only to be downsized and found it difficult to regain my momentum.  After a few minor setbacks, I drifted back to the one thing I really loved, Art.  I decided to stop repressing my feelings, take back control of my life on my own terms and become the artist I always wanted to be.  Now I am falling my dreams and working happier than I have ever been in my life."

For more information and a look at my art portfolio visit www.jrobinsonart.com and “Painting Through It”, a personal look inside J Robinson Art, the artist.