Complete Senior Workshop Packet

Having fun exercising your creativity is an integral part of a J Robinson Art workshop.  Art can be easy, relaxing, therapeutic and rewarding for any age or level of physical and mental wellness.


What is a J Robinson Art Senior Workshop?

A fun, creative and engaging experience...In as little as 45 mins to 1 hour we turn a normal day into a wonderfully exciting experience.  Every participant will be delighted and amazed at what they can accomplish in one session. It does not matter if they have ever painted before.   Without realizing it you open critical thinking and right brain creativity that are stimulating and therapeutic.  When painting seniors are actively exercising their minds in a pure healthy uninhibited way.  Creating art by its very nature has proven therapeutic elements.  We just help to make it interesting fun and easy with our step by step methods.

  • Our workshops consist of (all step by step)
  • Easy freehand paintings one area at a time
  • “Tact Art” peeling away a wonderful surprise at the end once the main body of the painting is completed, usually a simple background.
  • We do pop art allowing our participants to color with paint rendering a pop art image without all the hassles of Warhol…
  • Our abstracts provide a free-flowing experience of just having fun in random color painting designs
  • We do “Together and connected” where the group paints the same theme, yet each theme is different but connected.

In our senior workshops, we paint on a verity of different canvases, surfaces, and backgrounds.

We also make sure to incorporate holiday themes being respectful of everyone’s holiday practices.  We usually limit them to around, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day and Grandparents Day.  Only when request we will provide both Hanukah and or Christmas related paintings as approved by that community’s activities coordinator.

We make sure to bring a variety of exciting easy to follow projects that always leave the session happy to have been involved.

How It Works

You can contact us directly to schedule your workshops or meet and greet. You can have just one workshop or schedule us to come out once a week, every other week or once a month depending on your scheduling and art therapy needs.

J Robinson Art Meet and Greets" are FREE when requested. We come out to your location show some personal art, workshop art like an exhibition.  This is where you, your residence and staff you can meet and engage with us.  We also do a very quick painting demonstration, so you can see just how easy it is.  Just contact us to schedule a meet and greet date that is convenient for you or for you and your residence. 

 We have pricing options that provide a very affordable painting workshop experience.  It is important that we work with you directly to tailor a program that allows you to get as much from us as possible while still maintaining a comfortable budget.  Billing is by invoice, so we work with net payments as well as purchase orders where applicable.  J Robinson is already providing our service to several senior communities and may already be an approved vendor in your system.  We also provide all the necessary documentation and forms for any new communities in our expansion.

We bring a level of experience, patience and an understanding that allows us to seamlessly blend into any location.  J Robinson Artworks with all ages, levels of art experience, physical and mental wellness.  We pride ourselves in forming respectful lasting relationships with all the communities, staff and residence we meet.  It is part of our mission statement, business practices and a necessary requirement for all who work with us.       

At J Robinson Art we bring our services directly to you with all the supplies and equipment you need for a fun-filled creative workshop.  You just show us where to set up, provide the tables and chairs for your residence to work on.  We set up covering all workspace surfaces, provide aprons for the painters, set up all the equipment, break down and clean up before we leave. 

With our simple and patient step by step instructions, we turn doubt into creativity for those who have never painted.  Opening endless possibilities of art appreciation, in an instant, you start to see everyone’s creativity come to life.  The smiles and confidence just grow brighter and brighter. 

Our Unique Painting Workshops Include

Complete Set Up and Breakdown:  We arrive early enough to set up all the supplies needed for the workshop.  In the end, we clean up and break down all equipment leaving the space back as when we arrived.

Instructional Painting:  Professional artist J Robinson and an assistant (so there is always two people available to help).  We take you through a step by step painting process wherein the end each person creates their own version of the displayed finished sample.

Individual Painting:  Each person creates their own painting following the artist's patient step by step instructions.  We provide minor assistance as needed still allowing for each person's individuality shine through. 

At Completion of Painting:  Each painter gets to keep their work of art to share with friends and family to conveniently store in their rooms or display on the walls.

Fun, fun and more fun:  We just have a great time providing a fun an easy approach to exploring the artist in all of us.  Throw away the rules and allow individual self-expression to rule the day.

What are Some of the Benefits

We want every participant to walk away feeling accomplished taking pride in what they were able to accomplish.  Art can be much more than just colors and decoration.  It is also...

Therapeutic, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Mentally Stimulating, keep the brain active and sharp.

Connecting with Family, creating great gifts to give to family.

Connecting with people, having a shared experience.

Opening Creativity, by experience something creative and then being able to do it.

About the Artist

J Robinson’s background as a self-taught artist is with over 30 years’ experience creating and selling artwork which provides the essentials of teaching art workshops.  Knowing firsthand what it takes to develop raw talent without rules of application.  As an artist, J Robinson has mastered a variety of different mediums, techniques and subject matter.  As a company, we have a love and respect for people that allows our staff to be respectful, understanding, patient and engaging.  J Robinson personally developed and organized an outstanding art program for the Office of the Aging in New York City for several senior centers run by New York City Housing.  With a professional career in the financial markets.   J Robinson has a managerial background in finance where holding several securities and exchange commissioned licenses for Prudential Securities and J. P. Morgan Chase. 

Corporate backgrounds have prepared us for working with others while learning and teaching others how to perform at peak efficiency in a timely manner.  J Robinson Art LLC is a successful registered art business that has expanded its services to providing art workshops all over New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

You don’t have to have any art experience to enjoy our Art workshop just come, have some fun and push a little paint around.  We leave you with an art experience that is rewarding with a lasting impact. 


More Information

To learn more about our affordable pricing, services and to set up a workshop or a FREE meet and greet at your location please contact us at:

Tele or Text:  Anastasia Robinson 732-925-3623, Email: or to view some of my artwork:



Thank you for taking the time to our introduction and we look forward to working with you.