J Robinson Art Classes


J Robinson Art is proud to announce J Robinson Art Classes are being held at a Hobby Lobby classroom near you.

At  each J Robinson Art Class you will be able to learn more techniques and fundamentals to painting that will help you grow as an artist.  Some subtle difference from our workshops are:

  • Classroom sessions are longer, they last approximately 2 hours.
  • Attendance is smaller, usually 10 people per session.
  • More time with each person in attendance.
  • Detailed descriptions on "How To".
  • The opportunity to have more questions answered.
  • You learn more techniques at each session .

J Robinson Art Classes provide all the materials you need to paint.

  • Brushes
  • Palettes with acrylic paint
  • Cups with water
  • Paper towels
  • Aprons
  • Table covers
  • Easels
  • Canvas

 All you have to do is show up on time, have some fun, push around a few colors and be creative.  You may bring your own supplies but we are not responsible for their care, cleaning, damage or lost.  We do not have any material that you may take with you other than your personal belongings and canvas you painted during the workshop.

J Robinson Art classes are designed for all levels of artistic ability from those who have never painted but have always wanted to, to those who have basic, intermediate, or advanced skills. We are an opportunity to add value to all.

How It Works

We will post a calendar schedule with all the Hobby Lobby locations, dates, times and projects for you to select from. You may also check the Hobby Lobby store class calendar for dates and times but you can only register for classes here on this website. Seating is limited and time is precious so please register before once you chose your class dates.   No walk-ins, no guest on lookers, no children, adults only will be allowed. A safety agreement will have to be signed to protect the you, J Robinson Art as the facilitator and the location since we are guest at the Hobby Lobby locations.  We want you to be safe, direct our focus on painting and ensure we all have a great time during the art classes.

Once you decide which class you want to attend simply click the link, add it to your cart then follow the instructions for payment and you will be registered.  You will then receive an email confirmation immediately.  Two (2) days prior to the class date you get a respectful email reminder for the class you requested. If you need to reschedule because something came up, as a courtesy we will allow you to reschedule but that does not necessarily mean the same painting will be available at the same location. 

Please arrive at least 10 -15 prior to the classroom to allow for you to relax and get seated.  J Robinson Art classes will start on time.

To see the J Robinson Art Class calendar schedule and to pay for reintegration simply click the links below.  

Calendar and Registration  

Thank you and we look forward to having some fun, push around a few colors and being creative.