My Personal Artwork Portfolio

I could bore you with my art background, art school or art awards to make you feel comfortable about my art skills.  However, I would rather just show you these from my art  portfolio:



"Thriller Mike"  14x18 Oil Painting


"Hallie" 14x18 Oil Painting 


"Ali"  18x24 Oil Painting


 "Alicia" 9x12 Oil Painting


"Aretha Franklin" 9x12 Oil Painting


"Bob Marley" 9x12 Oil Painting


"Condoleezza"  9x12 Oil Painting 


"Professor Cornell West" 9x12 Oil Painting


"Denzel Washington"  9x12 Oil Painting


"Issac Hayes" 9x12 Oil Painting



 "Jennifer Lopez"  14x18 Oil Painting


"Jay Z" 30x40 Oil Painting


"Lauren Hill"  14x18 Oil Painting


"Left-Eye" 14x18 Oil Painting


"Lisa Bonet" 9x12 Oil Painting


"Malcolm X" 9x12 Oil Painting


"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."  18x24 Oil Painting 


"First Lady Michelle Obama"  9x12 Oil Painting 


"Nelson Mandella" 9x12 Oil Painting 


"Oprah Winfrey" 9x12 Oil Painting 



"President Barack Obama" 12x16 Oil Painting 



"Rhiana" 14x18 Oil Painting 


"Samuel L Jackson" 9x12 Oil Painting 


"Spike Lee" 9x12 Oil Painting 


"Toni Morrison" 9x12 Oil Painting 


"Coltrane" 14x18 Oil Painting 


"Esperanza Spalding" 14x18 Oil Painting 


"Miles Davis" 16x20 Oil Painting 


"Wynton Marsalis" 16x20 Oil Painting 

"Jimi Hendrix" 11x14 Oil



"Anna's Flowers" 9x12 Watercolor

"Another Flower for Anna" 9x12 Watercolor


"Camelia Flowers" 9x12 Watercolor


" A Gift of Flowers" 9x12 Watercolor


"Garden Things" 9x12 Oil

"Pink Flower" 9x12 Watercolor


"Daisies" 9x12 Watercolor


"Lillies in the Field" 22x30 Watercolor


"Yellow Flower" 9x12 Watercolor


"Purple Tulips" 22x30 Watercolor


"Rings and Roses"  9x12 Oil


"Window View" 24x36 Watercolor


"Sunflower and a Pear" 9x12 Oil


"Bird in Winter" 9x12 Oil


"Koi Fish" 16x20 Watercolor

"Koi Fish" (BW) 11x14 Oil


"Giraffe" 24x36 Pastel


"Cranes" 16x20 Watercolor


"Cranes" 22x30 Pastel


"Lizard" 9x12 Oil


"Pelican and Ducks" 9x12 Watercolor