City Scene

  • $29.95


Size & Orientation: 8x10 - Portrait Orientation

With this kit, you will be able to paint Bananas and Grapes, even if you have never painted before. We have provided easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions along with a link to an easy-to-follow YouTube video. This Peiloff Kit includes and all the supplies and directions you will need to create this beautiful painting rather you are painting for fun, as a gift, or working to improve your painting skills.

  • 8 x 10” Canvas Panel
  • Acrylic Paint Set
  • Paintbrushes
  • Written Instructions with Pictures + Tutorial Video Link


Peiloff (pronounced peel-off) is a fun, relaxing, and easy all-in-one kit for you to enjoy painting at any skill level. You can use Peiloff to decorate your home, create thoughtful gifts, or practice, and enhance your painting skills.

  1. Open your kit and layout all your new art supplies
  2. Choose your learning style – There are tutorial videos, photo directions, written instructions, a finished demo you could replicate, or make it your own and paint without instruction.
  3. Follow one of the instructions to paint your canvas
  4. Remove the peel to reveal your masterpiece, finish, and display (or gift)


For bulk orders, scheduling art workshops, or for any additional information please contact Anna at (732) 925-3623 or email

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