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Want to share the benefits of art programs? Picture of art supplies including paint brushes and paints

What we do. We provide painting workshops for senior living communities. Encourage Social Wellness. Stimulate The Brain. Keep Participants Active & Engaged. Our original painting kits are easy to use and include step by step guidance for participants of all creativity levels.  Picture of elderly women with their paintings of dolphins at sunset. Picture of elderly woman in wheelchair with art supplies preparing to paint. Picture of elderly man with his finished painting of an ice cream sundae. Picture of an elderly person with their finished painting of a landscape at sunset.

Here's What You Can Do! Make A Call & Share The Benefits of J Robinson Art Workshops. Your goal is to speak directly to the contact, introduce J Robinson Art Workshops, get a little information, then inform them that they'll receive more information via email and a follow up phone call. That's it! Picture of person talking on a cell phone. Picture of happy person at a desk receiving a phone call.

WHAT YOU GET: Up to 10% Commission, Freedom to Work from Anywhere, Training & Support, Passive Income, PLUS! The joy of knowing you helped bring an art program to an otherwise underserved community.

HOW TO EARN MONEY: 1. Obtain contacts, 2. Get up to 10% Commission Per Contact, 3. Unlimited Earning Potential. After our sales team has created a contract with the contact you provided, you will earn commission based on the length of the contract your contact chooses. Your Commission Scale: 1%=Contact chooses 1 workshop for the year 2.5%=Contact chooses 2 workshops for the year. 3.5%=Contact chooses 4 workshops for the year. 4%=Contact chooses 6 workshops for the year. 6%=Contact chooses 12 workshops for the year. 10%=Contact chooses 24 workshops for the year. PASSIVE INCOME: Commission is paid out for up to 1 year!

UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL! For Example: Let's say you get 12 people to want to learn more about having a J Robinson Art Workshop ...3 Choose 1 Workshop You get a one time payment for 1% of each of these contracts. 5 Choose 12 Workshops You get reoccuring payments for 6% of each of these contracts. 4 Choose 24 Workshops You get reoccuring payments for 10% of each of these contracts. Reminder: The more people you convince to receive additional information from J Robinson Art,  the more money you can potentially earn!

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