Ice Cream Boat Steps

JRA J Robinson Art Workshop
ICE CREAM BOAT                                          INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1
These instructions are a compliment to our YouTube video that we have made for you to paint directly along with us.  The video was made so you can easily watch, follow along, pause and rewind as an individual or as a group.  Providing an easy way to follow along step by step.  See the link below to watch the video.  These instructions are for those who prefer to read and paint along step step.  We have tried to provide as much detail and instructions along with each image showing each step.  You may print this instructions and make copies as necessary to paint this paint and peel product.
Step 1
Make sure to layout your canvas as seen above.
Your canvas has been prepared with a peel blocking the ice cream boats shape.  To make it even easier we have put in lines for you see each section of the ice cream to be painted.  The gray will be peeled later so do not worry about any paint that should be placed on it.
We will be using the small round pointed brush, the looks like this one.
Step 2
Use a touch of red on the pointed brush and paint the lines under where the cherries are like above.
Step 3
Now paint the line on the cherry on the bottom.
Step 4
Paint the cherry on the bottom as you did the three up above.
Step 5
Use water and clean off the red on the round brush.  Now we are going to use the small round brush and some Sienna for our next step.
Using the lines around the whipped cream below the cherries as a guide, use the small round brush and sienna to paint all around the individual shapes.  Try to stay on the lines or the edges.
When your completed it should look like the image above.
Step 6
Using the same small round pointed brush and some sienna place a few random lines in each shape like above for effect.
After you placed in a few lines of Sienna in the whip cream shapes it should look like above image.
Step 7
Using just the tip of the small round pointed brush pick up a touch of blue and place on the plate as above.  Then touch into a tip of white to mix them together.
You should end up with a light blue close the the color you see in the image above.
Step 8
Using the small round pointed brush put in a few brush strokes in the whip creamed shapes like above.
Once you have put some light blue color like above in all the shapes your painting should look on or about like this.
Step 9
Starting the syrups.
Taking your time and watching the lines very carefully, simply use the small round pointed brush and some red to go over the lines to create the outline as above.  Careful not to extend the lines past the line that makes up the dish the ice cream is sitting in.  Only do the lines that make the above pattern.
Then paint in the lines so that your image looks like above.
Step 9
Taking your time and watching the lines very carefully, simply use the small round pointed brush and some Umber to go over the lines to create the outline as above.  Careful not to extend the lines past the line that makes up the dish the ice cream is sitting in.  Only do the lines that make the above pattern.
Take your time your almost done if you made it up to this point so far.  If not just keep painting.
Your painting should look like the one above.  For the umber or chocolate syrup you can let it dry and over it again and again to make it really dark.  For now leave it as is and lets move on.
Step 10
Using the small round pointed brush outline the last lines or syrup and paint it in like you did the others.
Your painting should look like above.
 Step 11
Now work on the glass.  Mixing a very small amount of blue with white to make a very light blue paint around the glass like above.
Take your time keeping the color light for now and just paint and trim the inside edges.
It should look like the above when your your done with that step.
 Step 12
Now using a bit more blue adds some areas like above to show the frost or coolness on the glass.
Step 13
Now to start adding some syrup that drips into the glass.  Using the small round pointed brush Starting with the Red.
Make sure to leave a small space between the rim of the glass and the color of the syrups dripping in like the red line you see above.  This is how you want to do them all.
Now as you add the syrups in the glass you can make them different shapes bur make sure you leave that small gap at the rim so in looks like inside and not dripping over the edge.
Now that you finished the red syrup do the same for the umber or chocolate.
Then do the Sienna.
Step 14
Now to add some colors of syrup inside the glass for affect. I used the color from the Sienna and added a few spots as you see below
Then i cleaned my brush and added some red.  You can add umber or chocolate, I just chose not to.
Step 14
Using a very light wash of White with a touch of Sienna i added some color inside the white parts of the ice cream like above.  I wanted to leave some of the white showing so it was not a solid painting.  You may chose to paint the whole area as your choice.
Step 15
Now that your umber or chocolate syrup is dry you can add another layer.  As you can see just by going over it once that small area shows much darker than before.
Now you can see the difference more clearly as I painted the first line area of the syrup.  Paint the remaining parts of the umber or chocolate syrup and it will look like below.  Make sure you get the drips int the glass also.
Step 16
Using a small amount of umber I places a stork at the top of the red syrup below the whipped cream and in areas of the red syrup lines as shadow.  I first loaded the brush with umber the wiped of a touch in my paper towel so i did not have a thick amount.
It should look like above when your done.
Step 16
Using the small round pointed brush and some white I added a small line of highlight to each cherry.
Step 17
I then added a small amount of Umber and placed a small light shadow in each cherry like above.
 Step 18
Then I added some white and put some highlights on the dripping syrup
At this stage your painting should look like above.
Step 19
Using the small flat brush with some White and a tiny touch of Blue i went around my glass edges again just to touch up and make sure the colors were visible.
Step 20
Using the spatula at the bottom right corner I lifted the Peel Off.  Lifting and pulling at a 45 degree angle making sure not to touch my painting.  
With the peel off removed you painting should look like this.  At this stage you have several options. 
1.  You can paint a back ground and table area, carefully painting around the finished painting before you add the cherry stems.
2.  You can paint a background scene adding other elements into your painting along with the back ground color and table setting.
3.  You can add a show area under the glass and the cherry
4.  You can leave as is and just add the stems which is what we did in our paining.
Any option is fine but just be careful as you decide to add other elements.
Step 21 Adding Stems 
This picture is to show you that for the stems I only pick up paint at the edges of color and not dipping it inside.  The idea is to keep the point round.  So I pick up paint from the edge on the brushes side rolling it to keep the brush to a point for a fine line.
I place the brush on the cherry, then in one motion slow drag a line, not applying to much pressure but just enough for the paint to come off.  In one stroke or one drag make the line nice a fluid, no lifting.
I add all the cherry stems the same way, loading my brush each time for each stem.
Your painting is completed.  Great job.