Senior Workshops

Having fun exercising your creativity is an integral part of a J Robinson Art workshop.  Art can be easy, relaxing, therapeutic and rewarding for any age or level of physical and mental wellness.  We like to say we are not painting we are just having some fun, pushing around a few colors and just being creative.

 What is a J Robinson Art Senior Workshop?

A fun, creative and engaging experience...In as little as 45 mins to  1 hour, we turn a normal day into a wonderfully exciting experience.  Every participant will be delighted and amazed at what they accomplish in every session.


Without realizing it we open critical thinking and right brain creativity that are stimulating and therapeutic.  When painting or even watching others paint Seniors are actively exercising their minds in a pure healthy  uninhibited way.  Art by its very nature has proven to have therapeutic elements.  J Robinson Art helps to make it interesting, fun and easy with our patient step by step methods.

We take each participant step by step patiently through a wonderful fun, art exploration.  No matter a persons skill level each artist comes alive and are happy with the end results of every painting they create.


In our premium and secondary workshop plans we paint on a variety of different canvas sizes and surfaces.

Relaxing fun is always the order of the day with our engaging, fun approach to painting.

Our inventory is a large and wide variety of exciting easy to follow projects that always leaves a smile on everyone's face.   The projects may look hard but we make them easy. 

J Robinson Art wants every participant to walk away feeling accomplished taking pride in what they were able to accomplish.  Art can be much more than just colors and decoration.  It is also:

Therapeutic, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Mentally Stimulating, keeping the brain active and sharp.

Connecting with Family, creating great gifts to share.

Connecting with people, having a shared experience.

Opening Creativity, by experiencing something creative and then being able to do it again.

At J Robinson Art we bring everything you need for a fun-filled experience.  You just have your participants simply show up and we do the rest.  From setting up to clean up we make it easy.  We provide assistance in painting the project as needed or leave the person to paint independently as desired. 

We are not there to make anyone Picasso or Rembrandt.  We come to visit, have some fun, push around a few colors and see what we can create.  

At the completion of the workshop, each person gets to keep what they painted.  It is a great project to share with their family, friends or just hang in the room and admire the wonderful work that they did.


For more information and to schedule your workshop, contact: Anastasia Robinson