Class Safety Agreement


Safety Agreement

This letter of agreement is to ensure the understanding of the safety, policies and procedures of J Robinson Art as it pertains to services provided during our J Robinson Art Workshops.  A copy of this signed agreement will be maintained in our files as a matter of record, acknowledgement and an agreed upon understanding. 

For insurance purposes and as a matter of company policy, protection and procedures J Robinson Art as a company and staff have the right to refuse painting services under any of the following conditions:


  1. Any J Robinson Art painting workshops where mental wellness participants attend must have a responsible caregiver(s) present during the painting workshop to monitor and assist the participant(s) where needed. If there is no staff person(s) on hand or available caregiver(s) to assist the participant(s) general care and wellbeing that participant cannot take part in the workshop or workshops will have to be rescheduled at a time more appropriate where such monitoring and assistance will be available.
  2. J Robinson Art staff should not be asked to assist in helping participants to and from their walkers, wheel chairs or seats. This is a matter of protection for both the participant and J Robinson Art staff in the case of an accident, slip or fall during the movement process and is a direct violation of J Robinson Art protocol and procedures.
  3. If any participant persists in obstructing the normal workshop procedures by acting out in a manner beyond a reasonable scope of acceptable conduct physically or verbally that does not allow others in the painting workshop to productively take part in the workshop provided, J Robinson Art reserves the right to ask the participant to please leave the classroom area. If the person cannot or refuses to leave, then J Robinson Art reserves the right to stop the painting workshop and reschedule at a more appropriate time.

Food, Beverages, Wine or Alcohol

  1. As a guest in Hobby Lobby I cannot speak for the stores policies on these matters, however during a J Robinson Art workshop in the classroom there is no food, beverages permitted for safety and space purposes. Any beer, wine or alcohol detected will mean you will immediately be asked to leave the classroom area. 

Visitors, Guest or Minors

  1. In order to provide the best service possible in the time we have during our art painting workshops, for insurance purposes and limited seating, our art classes are for adults. We do not accept walk-ins or guest as all seats are assigned to registered paid in advance participants who are of the age of consent to agree to sign our “Safety Agreement” and adhere to our terms and conditions prior to each class.


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Business Practices

At J Robinson Art safety is our number one priority and we want to make ensure that at every painting workshop we provide the highest quality of service we can provide.  We bring, set up and breakdown all the equipment needed for a safe fun filled painting experience.  Our staff is trained to perform their duties with care, patience and enormous consideration for all skill levels, levels of mental and physical wellness.  Our highest standards of quality, reliable and dependable service are the cornerstone of our business practices.  The primary function of J Robinson Art Workshops is to provide you with a safe, fun filled rewarding experience.  We also need your continued help and support to ensure a safe, productive shared working experience.

In signing below, you acknowledge, understand and support our terms as it pertains to the safety agreement painting with J Robinson Art.




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