Premium Pricing


Premium Workshops $300 - $375.00

Clients who sign up for 12 months at this price point get the following within their workshops:

  • 2 11x14 Stretch Canvas Workshops
  • 2 x10 Stretched Canvas Workshops
  • 1 13x15 Canvas Tote Bag Workshop
  • 1 Small Box Painting Workshop
  • 1 Wine Glass or Glass Vase Painting Workshop
  • 5 Canvas Panel Painting Workshop (3 Paint and Peels and 3 Free Hands)

What you get in the premium package differs from any package we offer.  J Robinson Art will bring all the supplies you will need to complete each of our painting workshops.  For all of our workshops we provide our standard practices and procedures.  

For all of our workshops we provide our standard practices and procedures however with our premium package workshops You will get more painting surfaces, individual surface preparation, different equipment, and in some cases different paints.  Lets go over what you get in our premium workshops:


For our 11x14 and 8x10 stretched canvas workshops we provide the option of painting on an easel. Canvas preparation includes hand crafted applied and affixed paint and peels.  Larger size peels for 11x14

We arrive early to take part in COVID screening, sign in and set up.  At end of the workshop we will clean up and pack up all the remaining equipment and materials.

Please note that unless you purchase kits separately, you are not buying any of the equipment used and only those items painted on will be left with each resident that painted.  All equipment and any unused materials will be collected at the end of every workshop.