Standard Practices and Procedures

As a standard practice at every J Robinson Art workshop we physically provide our services directly and there will be an experienced artist bringing all the supplies needed for that days painting workshop. 

We arrive early to take part in COVID screening, sign in and set up.  At end of the workshop we will clean up and pack up all the remaining equipment and materials.

Our standard practices and procedures are the following:


We bring all the equipment needed for the participants to create finished projects.  We often bring extra in the event that more residence show up to paint than may have been first anticipated. 

While it is not mandatory also bring extra canvas in the event that a visiting family member, aide or staff member caring for a resident wants to participate while helping or aiding a resident at no additional cost to the workshop.  This is at our discretion and on a limited basis. We find it helps transition the resident if someone they normally keep company with on a daily basis is also allowed to paint next to them.  It relieves stress and anxiety however this practice does not mean we cater this practice each and every time we visit so it should not be anticipated or expected.  When it does happen no is charged for the use of that equipment we eat that cost cost.

Please note that unless you purchase kits separately, you are not buying any of the equipment used and only those items painted on will be left with each resident that painted.  All equipment and any unused materials will be collected at the end of every workshop.

Canvas Preparation 

J Robinson Art takes great pride in ensuring that each canvas for each project is prepared so that the paining sessions are easy and fun to follow.  With the exception of any free hand paintings all paint and peel workshops are are detailed and prepared for you at no additional cost.  Not all projects are the same and some require more detailed work than others.  Our goal is to ensure that each canvas is prepared for easy use and to yield the best results so our canvas preparations standards are high and done to perfection.

Our Staff/Artist Facilitator

Each person that conducts a J Robinson Art workshops comes ready to help and assist in any way possible.  Short of someone deviating so far from the project, staff is ready to help keep everyone caught up as best as possible.  We pride ourselves in our patience and understanding that some may come late or have lacking visual or physical abilities that may keep them from keeping up so we are there to help and encourage. We often times make on sight adjustments to the project depending on every ones ability to keep up with the project being done that day.  We do not push or force and allow for those who can to do the best that they can.  Its not mandatory that the finished product look exactly the same, however we try and allow for the residence to do the best with each project as they can.  We are always there to help.

Community Staff, Aides and Family

Where and when permissible we encourage staff. aides and family to take part in the painting process to a limitation.  As long as we have extra materials that is not at the cost of the community we allow for some individuals to paint along with a resident.  The is is not mandatory and should not be expected and we never charge for those materials used making it at our discretion or as an additional services that we eat the cost of.