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At J Robinson Art we place your special request as priority number one.  Not only do we bring you easy funfilled creative workshops we take your special request to a whole new fun and creative level.

Recently we had a special request from one of our clients.  They were celebrating National Nursing Week with the theme of "Movies".  When asked what J Robinson Art could design for them, our immediate answer was creative and simple, "Let's just take them to the movies".  What could be more fun than creating a series of film clips of movies and movie stars and then place them in film strips?   Some were easily recognizable images while others required you to guess what they represented.  All the participants had a wonderful time and when it came time to reveal the images on the canvas.   

We had so much fun talking and laughing about the moves images we had just created, movies we had seen and our favorite movies and stars.  The project was helpful, engaging and turned out to be a huge success.

Fun is the Operative Word

The main idea behind a J Robinson art workshops is to have fun, push around a few colors and be creative.  With fun always being the operative word with any of our art projects, it becomes extra special when your special request is given that very same fun formula no matter the workshop size, project, location or the group that is participating.

On another occasion, J Robinson Art was asked to come up with an art project that would be given to the volunteers during the theme of "Celebrating Service".  This is the art project J Robinson Art created for that location to paint.

Using the balloons to send a message, each person wrote: "THANK YOU".  The images were designed to be a mixture of volunteers and people warmly engaging with each other.  I have to tell you we had a lot of fun during the painting process and when it was over everyone was amazingly delighted.  The gift of giving was never so creative.  The very simple design coupled with the personal touch of each artist made this a very special project.

The art is never the primary focus it is always the artist and whomever J Robinson Art is creating the workshop for.  The word special in the request is taken literally and opens the door to the opportunity to be creative.  This taps into the artistic passion of J Robinson Art and everything becomes easy after that.

Meeting the Challenge

Not every request is within the immediate comfort zone of J Robinson Art like just painting on a canvas.  Sometimes we have just had to accept the challenge to push ourselves to be more creative than even we thought we could be. 

Like for example when we were asked to conduct a session panting on wine glasses during the Christmas holidays.  While J Robinson Art had never done that form of art painting before we accepted the challenge and came up with these:

Here is J Robinson's Art first ever attempts at painting on wine glasses.

Here is the group having fun painting them.  The smiles and fun they had speak volumes.  At J Robinson Art when we can take any project and turn into a funfilled session we know at that moment we have done our job.  Nothing pleases us more than everyone having a good time while exploring their creativity.

Our First Special Request

One J Robinson Arts first special request came in just a theme and title.  It was for National Assisted Living Week with the theme "Capture the Moment".  Taking advantage of the opportunity we decided to make a series of silhouette designs captured moments with shadow reflections.  The idea was to create moments of something similar to a now image but using a shadow reflection from their past.  Like most things, it was simple in painting but ambitious in design.  This wonderful creative design captured everyone imagination and was truly an amazing start for a special request. 

As you look at these samples please pay close attention to the top of the image and the bottom reflection to get the idea of what we were able to accomplish.

While this was a first at J Robinson Art fist it set the tone for there to be many more.

A Birthday Painting Party

When asked to come with a design for a wonderful group of women who wanted to express themselves J Robinson art created this "BWA" for a group of charming ladies for the celebration of one of their friends birthday painting party:  

This was the painting design created by J Robinson Art:

These are the ladies and their wonderful works of art.

A great many of our participants have never painted until painting with J Robinson Art.  We consider this an honor and a privilege.  To be able to share our passion for art and the creative process with anyone is really a wonderful experience.  The faces go from doubt and apprehension of sheer desire and delight.  We love what we do and we also love painting with those that we have the privilege to paint with.  You do not have to know how to paint in order to paint with us. Everyone is welcomed and we look forward to painting with you.  

Other Wonderful Moments

Here are some other projects, special request and other wonderful moments we are very proud and appreciative to be apart of:




 When you want to have some fun, push around a few colors and be creative contact J Robinson Art we will be more than happy to come and paint with you.

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